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Hardie backer delamination

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Anyone else had Hardie backer Brand  seperate at the laminations lately.

Did a countertop about 3 months ago and the delamination was the size of a plate. Tried to ooze thinset in it but it was useless. Had to pull and replace.

Just wondering if I should call the company...probably will anyway. Not a big fan of Durock but I don't hate it.

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Greetings cut,

This post, in response to your question, will bump the thread through the 'recent discussion' listing again which will increase it's viewing.

Perhaps it will catch someone's attention that can help you with advice.


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Never heard of that with Hardi. I've seen the displays at the big boxes with the Hardi sealed in a container of water and it always looks fine.

Maybe you got a bad batch.

I'd call them. Couldnt hurt.


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