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Hardiplank over existing wood siding?

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I have been doing a little research about replacing the siding on a small circa 1920's bungalow. It seems the recommended process is to remove the existing siding then do the housewrap thing before installing the Hardiplank. I do recall when I replaced a small part of the siding a few years back, that the siding was attached directly to the studs. No exterior sheathing was present. Can I install the HP directly over the old siding or do I need to remove it and install sheathing first? Which would be a drag. Any advice always appreciated.

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If the existing siding is sound and well-attached, you can put a layer of building paper over it and then hang the Hardi. I had a house with vertical cedar and we covered it with Hardi hung horizontally. It worked fine, but we used SST screws instead of nails.

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If you leave the existing siding up you'll have to install strapping or some such to provide a smooth nailing surface. (That is, unless the old and new siding are the same pitch and you want to have a go at "horsefeathering", more or less.)

A couple of questions: Is there currently insulation in the wall? What is the condition of your windows -- will they be replaced?

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No insulation and unlikly to replace windows.