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Heavy Duty Sliding Table Top Hardware

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I just bought and Airstream traler and want to put a small jewelers bench where the dinette is as it has a rather robust telescoping base. The stock top has decent slides on it but I want something a little beffier to attached a 24 x 30 x 2  butcher block top. Placing it on the existing demostrates it is easily sturdy enough!


BUT I'd like the option of sliding it to different positions. One design has it over a tool box I'l have to access occasionally.


Probably 18" would be sufficient.


Is there a "Cadillac"  Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Slide?


Attached are what it comes with.





can't see any attachment? (post #216359, reply #1 of 1)

Are you refering to drawer slides? I'm having trouble seeing how that would help but I'm really thick at times plus I've not coffied up

yet. If bb drawer slides will work though there are many designs available these days well up into the cadillac range. Custom

service hardware [ I think] has a great selection.