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height of one handle tub/shower valve

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I'm installing my first one handle tub/shower valve and the directions are pretty specific regarding height off floor(33" for valve & 78" for shower head) and distance between valve and tub spout(6" to 11"). Are these locations merely what's most comfortable or are they crucial to the proper functioning of the tub diverter? Say, for example, someone wants the valve at 48" , shower head at 84" and distance between valve and tub spout at 24". I'm guessing that the given locations are important to the proper functioning of the diverter. Or maybe the distance beween tub spout and shower head(max 57") is the crucial distance?

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Distance between valve and outlets makes no difference whatsoever in the functioning of the valve - any temperature or pressure compensating happens entirely within the valve itself...

I've found various location conventions in different literature for different applications.  I'm not entirely sure, but there are probably specific distance requirements for handicapped accessability applications.  Other than that however, I believe your comfort should be the primary driver.

I mounted the shower arm directly coming out of the ceiling (rainshower head), which is 8' high and uses a 12" arm.  The valve is on a sidewall (so I don't back into it while washing my hair), and it's at a height of 44" from the floor (my wife and I are tall).  What's wrong with that?!?

If you've got the opportunity to locate the fixtures where you want them, I'd suggest going ahead and doing it!  Of course, it helps to have everything in hand (including all of the trim pieces) before you begin the rough-in just to be sure you've got enough room allocated for trim plates, connection nipples, etc...

Then of course, you (ideally) want to integrate their positioning with the tile layout to minimize awkward cuts, etc...

Good luck!