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Hey wmheinz and all architects

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wmheinz, I noticed in another post you mentioned you were and architect.

I have designed my own house plans.  I know dangerous huh?  Well, I have done it and feel very confident about it.  I have been working on it for years paying attention to door swings, hallway widths, standard kitchen dimensions/requirements, width for toilets (front and side), all the stuff I think people screw up on and we have all seen the messes people design and build.  Famous last words, but I think I ahve it covered.  Now, I might need some services for interior design.  Anyway ..... 

ALL THAT SAID.  In addition, I feel pretty confident about 95% of the structural issues; however, that 5% is a dozey (spelling) if screwed up. So I would like to have my plans reviewed for structural issues (foundation, pier locations, beam sizing, a few shear wall issues, etc).  What kind of a professional would you recommend I go to for this work?  I don't think I am looking for a complete engineer sign-off of everything.  PLEASE NOTE:  My county does not require building plans and no engineering.  I know draftsmen can take you pretty far with basic codes, header sizes, etc. and basic joist spans, header sizes, are pretty standard stuff anyway.  (Again there is nobuidlign department in the county, no buiilding (structural) code for me to meet in my situation).  I am guessing an architect could do all this, but might still refer parts out to an In-House or Out-of-house engineer.  And I would guess an architect would be the most expensive option (also might tend to expand the scope of the request to the fun design stuff).

Your thougths and those of other archy types would be appreciated.


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Find his screen name (in the post you refer to) and send him a PM.

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You click on the poster's name up there in that line above this reply box.

It takes you to their Profile.  Scroll down that page and you'll see something like :

Send a Private Message-

click on that and an email box will appear-fill it out, hit send or post or whatever.


I think the default for all members is to receive those PM's.


got it?

A Great Place for Information, Comraderie, and a Sucker Punch.

Remodeling Contractor just outside the Glass City.