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Homemade electrical fixture- 2 wire or 3?

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A friend has some tall big heavy (but not part of his house) bookshelves in his "library". the room is a touch dark and he has made a simple  light box to sit on top of the bookshelves, out of 1 inch thick wood, he put a 48 inch one tube fluorescent strip light in it like yu would have in your garage , it faces up. the light box is open at the back where it faces the wall, and also at the top where the light shines out. the strip light has black white green wires in it.

 he plans to wire it using  standard "zip" cord and a foot switch, it will be connecetd by a plug to the wall receptacle.

do we 2 wire it or 3 wire it? 3 wire seems odd for a light?

3 wire. It might not even (post #207040, reply #1 of 1)

3 wire. It might not even start without a decent ground. There is also a safety issue.