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HOUSE FOUNDATION (post #215413)

I live in washington state,Grays harbour county. Planing to build a house with a rectangular four corners plan . Lot is flat/leveled. I have desire for slab and crawlspace type of foundation. I heard about hybrid foundation.  (a founadtion where some part is slab and the other is crawlspace) The house is 32 feet depth. I want to divide/split the house foundation into two. The rear 16 feet crawlspace and the front 16 feet slab. All my plumbing fixture are at the  rear of the house. Frost line is 18inches.  is it possible to build a hybrid foundation. Share your ideas about this type of foundation and with  Washington state climate


what to consider in building this type of foundation. 


hybrid foundation

Hire An Operator (post #215413, reply #1 of 4)

Make sure to hire an operator for digging up the foundation 

This sort of foundation is (post #215413, reply #2 of 4)

This sort of foundation is done all the time. Any house with an attached garage, essentially has a hybred foundation: part slab and part crawl. What in particular are you asking about?

Of course, one problem with (post #215413, reply #3 of 4)

Of course, one problem with the scheme is that the two pieces don't move together.  Not such a big problem for a garage, but can be a problem for a house.

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will like to the pros and (post #215413, reply #4 of 4)

will like to the pros and cons of this type of foundatoin.  any experience  working or dealing with this type of foundation.    the long term reaction of this type of foundation.  earth movement , foundating shifting.   


the crawlspace is mostly for plumbing and hvac access.