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house plan designing

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hi and how are you?  please provide me with your knowledge and experience.  i am trying to build a house for my family.  i came up with this plan after considering three concept. my home culture,  colonial and modern design.  with the help of a chief architect program. i designed this layout.  please look at it and share your ideas.  two story house . foundation is crawlspace.  building in Everett WA.


i have attach the plan layout. 

all comment and recommendation are welcome.

goal is to have a plan that is easy to build and not expensive to frame or build.


any approximation how much it may cost to build this house from foundation to roof. let say builder grade.

framer at what cost per sqft will fram this house

approximately including garage 4400 sqft.  house.


thank you

Sorry, I know it isn`t in (post #215351, reply #1 of 1)

Sorry, I know it isn`t in your locality, but maybe they will consult you