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How to eliminate a 4-way light switch?

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I am remodeling and no longer need a 4-way light switch, since the other two switches are sufficient.  So I will just need to figure out how to connect the wires in the junction box for the switch I am removing.  This is probably obvious to an electrician, but I claim no real expertise in that area.  There is a diagram below that shows how it is currently wired.  If anyone could answer this I would greatly appreciate it.



Mike Moore


Just tie everything together (post #206984, reply #1 of 2)

Just tie everything together by color:  red/red, black/black, white/white, ground/ground.

If you find when you do this that one switch must be up and the other down for the light to be off, and you'd like it the other way (or vice-versa) then swap the red and black connections -- red/black and black/red.

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4-way (post #206984, reply #2 of 2)

That worked like a charm.  Thanks a lot Dan!