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How to patch T slot of demountable hinges to take face frame euro hinge base plate ?

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I want to replace all cabinet doors in the house with soft closing euro hinges (while I am replacing cabinet doors from partial overlay to full overlay).

The existing hinges are demountable type that have a T-slot cut in the face frame.

I will have to patch the T slot in some way and with structural integrity to take euro hinge base plate - specifically, the base plate of these euro hinges goes on the front of the face frame.

There are two options I can think of:

1. fill the T slot with some sort of epoxy / sawdust goop, sand down to make it uni-body with face frame
2. cut out the T slot completely with a larger rectangular notch, glue a piece of wood in it that notch of same size, finish with wood filler and sand and make uni-body with face frame.

The face frame is eventually going to be painted, so I am not very worried about disparity after finish - a primer coat should hide any such differences.

So the main question is - which of the above two methods would be structurally more sound to accept euro hinge base plate right on that location ? Any other suggestions ?

Attaching a link to what the T slot of demountable hinges look like:

With hinge still in place:

With hinge removed:


Isn't that first picture of (post #216239, reply #1 of 6)

Isn't that first picture of the Blum "Euro" hinge?  Do you have a picture of the hinge you have now?

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You are right, DanH. Posted (post #216239, reply #3 of 6)

You are right, DanH.

Posted wrong photo. Here is the right one:

Fill with epoxy. I like west (post #216239, reply #2 of 6)

Fill with epoxy. I like west system which I use on boats all the time. There are several type of thickners they sell so that you can make the consistency as thick as you want (think spackle consistency or peanut butter) it sands very flat and takes a ffinish well. Once painted you wont even know it's there.

Thanks, Sawdust_Steve. and (post #216239, reply #4 of 6)

Thanks, Sawdust_Steve.

and epoxy would also have structural integrity to accept euro hinge base plate screws right over it ?

Yes absolutely. The epoxy (post #216239, reply #5 of 6)

Yes absolutely. The epoxy accepts screws very well. There are many available thickners the adhesive thickner would be stronger the fairing thickner is easier to sand and give you a flatter finish.

Thank you! (post #216239, reply #6 of 6)

Thank you!