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Hubbell PFB1 floor box

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I poured my slab with a few PFB1 boxes for installing duplex outlets.  I will be installing tile.  Which is the best cover for this?  The catalogue says the S5016 must be used but the dimensions do not seem right.  ????

kazm (post #207307, reply #1 of 1)

you have to do some work. 

Copy paste a link to what you have  and what you need.

I looked at Hubble, found your box-round.

There's a list of covers that seem in the same section as I found the box-however, there's no number like you posted.

there's these however.  They do show pictures, but couldn't copy the pdf file.


 but, picking through the pdf  page 8,  I find the pfb1 box and the S5016 cover.............but I also see on that page you might need the adapter ring for the BOX-it appears that the tile ring might fit up to that adapter ring.  It's also plastic.

The link below might work-go to page 8.

If this doesn't help-go to your supplier and ask. 

God help you if you're hoping for the best and ordering off the internet.  If you are-please call that IT supplier and talk to a human being.

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