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Kraftmaid Installation Instructions?

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We got this Kraftmaid Spice Rack Kit, but it didn't seem to have any installation instructions, and we can't seemt to figure out how it is supposed to be installed.

However, I can't seem to find any source for installation instructions of any kind on Kraftmaid's website. This seems implausible to me. Am I somehow missing where they have installation instructions? Wouldn't you expect them to have downloadable PDFs for how to install everything (or most things) they sell?

I'll probably have to call them on Monday, but I was hoping to be able to find something on the internet this weekend. Anyone know anything about this?

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Most cabinet suppliers are used to selling to pro installers.  Thus no instructions.  Since the wave of big box stores I am surprised that hasn't change and maybe for some companies it has but not Kraft Maid to my knowledge.  DanT

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I just did one. It installs on the cabinet door (there should have been a srew kit with it). All you do is hold the spice rack on the door by hand, close the door to be sure the rack fits between the shelves, mark it and install it.

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It seemed to be too wide, so that it didn't fit between the stiles, but rather sat on top of them. Because of this, the door wouldn't close - even though it was positioned so that the narrow part of the spice rack would be where the shelves were.

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It would seem that (1) they sent you a spice rack that is too wide for that particular cabinet, or (2) you are putting it in the wrong cabinet (I'm not being a wise [JOBSITE WORD]). Putting in a spice rack should be easy.

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Actually, I wasn't installing it myself and it does seem like it should be easy. I came home on Friday to see that the cabinet installer had put the spice rack in a completely unusable way. #1) The spice rack is so high to be unusable, and #2) he installed it in a way that there can be no shelves where the spice rack is. In other words, the spice rack takes up 3/4 of my cabinet usable space.

The spice rack isn't sitting flush to the cabinet door. Seems like the solution would be to simply do that, so that the brackets aren't quite against the back of the spice rack. Alternatively, we could probably rotate the brackets 90 degrees so that they are on the underside of the spice rack (and also the topside). But, that would probably be less strong and secure.



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Self service bump. Really curious if anyone has any ideas.

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Take the brackets off and mount then inside the spice rack.

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That seems like an excellent idea. Thanks.

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To be fair to the installer, it looks like the spice rack is not a good design for that cabinet (did you order from Home Depot ?).

It is best to attach the rack to the door rails or stiles rather than the panel. The panel edges are rather thin, where the brackets would attach and if you load the panel it can squash the "space balls" that the panel floats on, showing an unstained and unfinished margin at the top of the panel.

It also looks like the hinges may limit where on the door the rack is installed.

It might be best to cut the shelves down a bit and drill a new set of shelf pin holes if needed (though you still may want the rack lower on the door).

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The spice rack and cabinets are both from Kraftmaid, and they were ordered from Lowes as part of the same order.

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The Krapmade cabinet that has our spice rack on the door now has shelves narrow enough to allow the spice rack door to close. I'm guessing that yours only came with normal depth shelves? If so, Krapmade is expecting you to rip them to the appropriate depth since they do not supply custom cabinets, only "semi-custom" which means you get to customize them to actually work.

I never understood "semi-custom". All their components are catalog items.

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If you rip the shelves down, won't they no longer sit on the little support pegs?

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They're fine after you re-drill each of the holes for the support pegs 1-3/4" in from the originals!

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Is this really how it is supposed to be installed? It doesn't look like that in the picture.

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Well from that picture the thickest box / bottle / jar you can put on the top and middle shelves is as thin as the face frame (~3/4") or it will hit the shelf. That wouldn't be very practical in our kitchen.

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That's true. I hadn't thought about that. I was thinking that the "baskets" of the spice rack could extend past the plane of the shelves as long as the baskets weren't in the same vertical space as the shelves. That works as long as there is nothing in the spice rack. But as you've pointed out, if there is, then the door won't close again. Looks like the shelves do need to be ripped down.

They really should include instructions with this thing.

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One other difference in our cabinet is that we have multiple locations to mount the shelf brackets along the height of the cabinet. Going by memory here, but maybe 10 spots to choose from? It looks like you only have 2 or 3.

If your spice containers were short enough not to hit the shelf, they could be as deep as the basket.

Our door mount rack is a different design, it is just about the full height of the door, but the shelf depth issue is the same as yours.

It looked like the "cleat" they screwed the bracket to was necessary because the rack was not wide enough to allow the screws to catch the stiles on the door (just guessing on that)? Can the rack be adjusted so the mounting screws catch the stiles on both sides and the "cleat" may not be necessary? If so that would get you a little more room as you or another poster suggested earlier.

By the way, that color / finish looks familiar. It isn't autumn blush cherry is it?

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The brackets just barely reach the stiles on both sides. I assume the cleat was used because the screws might split the stiles without it.

We could put the brackets on the inside of the rack, as has been suggested, but that means the rack is attached to the panel, rather than the stiles - which could cause problems as was mentioned.

I thought some minor adjustments would solve the problem without ripping the door shelves, but that seems like it won't be the case. We should lower the spice rack, rip the shelves, and keep the cleats. A little bit wider spice rack would help, but I think the next size up is 3" wider - which would be too much.

And yes, that is Autumn Blush.

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"And yes, that is Autumn Blush."

DANG....and they told us ours was unique...after all it is "semi-custom" !! ;)

I'll get a couple pics tonight of our setup - both the rack and how it attaches as well as the shelves. It's been about 14 years so my memory has faded on some of the details.

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>>We should lower the spice rack, rip the shelves, and keep the cleats.

That's the plan, but you can get rid of the cleat if you block out the brackets from the rack,on the outside, so that the screws reach the side stiles.

You can avoid the shelf ripping as well by keeping the shelves above the spice containers.


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"You can avoid the shelf ripping as well by keeping the shelves above the spice containers."

Then I'm back to the same problem. I'd have 1/2 - 3/4 of my cabinet with one really tall shelf. The spice rack is probably two feet high. I don't have much need to store two foot high things in our cabinets (cooking trays would be an option, but they would probably hit the spice rack as well).

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Looking at this picture, if you were to locate the cabinet shelves to hit just below each spice shelf, and the spice containers were shorter than that, like the box on the bottom...there should be no conflict. For example, the middle shelf could be moved to be below the middle spice shelf, or below the upper spice shelf, if the bottles on the middle spice shelf were moved to the bottom spice shelf.

And now I'm getting dizzy...

Or you could just rip the cabinet shelves.

Or quit using spices, I just don't care anymore!!!



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Good point. That would work. The key question then becomes whether the spice rack can be mounted so that the door will close without ripping the shelves.

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I like Heck's idea about shelf location just below the baskets, it seems that would keep you from having to rip the shelves.

Here are a couple pics of our rack which as you can see is different than yours. Ours takes up the full door. It is attached via screws that go into the top and bottom rails of the door, not the panel. I just drilled matching holes that were in from the originals about 1-3/4" for the shelf clips after ripping that much off the back of the shelves. There was no way for me to install it without ripping the shelves since the sides are the same depth as the baskets.

This is what autumn blush looks like after 13 or so years.

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Most cabinet mfrs buy their interior accessories from others like Rev-a-Shelf, Knape & Vogt, etc. If you'll check their websites, bet you'll find the exact thing you have or something similar. will get you started and give you links to the mfrs.

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The only cabinet instructions i've ever seen came with the boxes.

"Do not attach cabinets to the wall with nails".

Ya think?!


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