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lavatory cleanout

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I've never seen a cleanout under a lavatory sink but now I have to put one in on a bathroom addition. It's a 2" waste and vent (needed to boost total area of VTR) that has a big change of direction before tying into the main drain.

So I gather the cleanout t sits just above the trap san t. It seems like it's gonna be pretty cramped in there if anyone ever needs to use that cleanout. I'm not even sure it will have the requisite 12" clearance. Do I aim it a bit to the side? Should the waste san t be set lower down? Does your area allow trap sani-tee to be used as a cleanout? Any other tips?

I don't know squat about plumbing.......... (post #207239, reply #1 of 4)

but have been in this remodeling end of building for a long time.

I've seen myriad "fixes" and always use (most always) a licensed plumber to do and warranty the work.

Changes in the plumbing code do happen and local interpretation by the inspector does trump most hands.  For instance, I believe now you can go away from the fixture (provided the piping is large enough) 5 feet.


However, I've never seen a cleanout except old steel pipe in the wall and below the drain inlet for the sink.  You'd never be able to remove that old steel cap to even attempt cleanout.

In most cases, just removing the trap and arm to the wall will afford a cleanout.  Can this not be done in your case?

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I've been remodeling for (post #207239, reply #2 of 4)

I've been remodeling for twenty years. I've put in five new bathrooms and fixed up many others. But in this case, the drain does some squirrelly things (bends) before tying into the main, so I want to put a real cleanout in the line, preferably above the p-trap sani-tee.

Like I said....... (post #207239, reply #3 of 4)

I know diddley about plumbing.


other than the [JOBSITE WORD] goes down, stink goes up thing.  I've seen alot of what you call squirrely, but it has to follow those simple rules.


That, and of course-hack the [JOBSITE WORD] outta the joists.

I try to stay away from those guys.


Best of luck to you and your next 20.  It only gets better.

A Great Place for Information, Comraderie, and a Sucker Punch.

Remodeling Contractor just outside the Glass City.


?? (post #207239, reply #4 of 4)

Is this something the inspector is requireing, or something you think will be needed because of the squarly drain run ?


If the inspector or code requires it, either one or both should detail the location.  If it is your call, it can go anywhere upstream of the first expected blockage point.  In commercial work cleanouts are often located in the floor where main drains converge or head toward the sewer line.  Those are non directional tees so a drain snake can be run in either direction.