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Library/Loft Ladder Ideas

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I need some ideas about constructing a library style ladder to a second story loft . I need to make it so it could lift out of reach of children. Any ideas ?

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How about a fancy version of a fire escape ladder that slides vertically - out of reach for the youngsters (for a while at least!)

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A different approach to moving/storing the ladder out of the way would be to make it inaccessible.  Actually, if you could just block access to the lowest four or five feet of the ladder, that would effectively keep kids (younger ones, at least) off the ladder.

If you could find a way to make it aesthetically acceptable, all you would need is some sort of removable panel(s) to shield the lower portion of the ladder (for instance, hinged doors, etc.).

Not sure if that's too far away from what you were envisioning, but I figured I'd throw the idea out there. 


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Thanks , Those are in line with my thinking . I need to see pictures of something similar to see if I can make it work . Thanks again .

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There are some library ladder manufacturers that advertise in Old House Journal. Probably FHB too.

Anyway, if you just have the bottom fold up (kinda like an attic access ladder) would that work?

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 I have a similar need for access to my attic..  Code doesn't allow ladder access.   My solution was to make a book shelf with slide out trays holding the books.. ladder needed I slide out the trays  set them aside climb up and down the ladder the required # of times and then replace the trays holding the books..

 Oh those hand holds on the side? purely ornamental <wink>