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Lighthouse of 33 feet construction

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I am building a new house this summer. My new wife wants a lighthouse of about 33 feet to be built next to the house with an entrance between the two of some 6-8 feet. I can not find any such info on the web of how to design this lighthouse. Needs to beable to "hold 2 to 4 people for obsvervation (not sleeping quarters). The house will be metal roof with vertical metal siding to match the prsent pole barn and another house aready on the farm. Any body done this already? Any ideas?  Thanks

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You could go all over the (post #214791, reply #1 of 1)

You could go all over the place on this.  Could be standard frame construction, could be steel frame, could be some sort of clever plywood thing.  Or could be a steel or concrete farm silo.

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