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looking for microlam span tables

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to find a website that would have microlam header span tables.

we are increasing the opening of an ineterior load bearing doorway from 3 feet to about 7 feet.

would like to comfirm a 10 inch by 7 foot microlam header would be suficient here.

Thank You for all help.

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Try doing a search for bea calculator o this site and you will find seveal discussions. I don't think such a site exists. There are too many variables in a building for anybody to safely build suh a site.

You could try this for dimensional lumber.


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Normally the lumber yard supplying the beam can do the span calc, but they would need a set of the house plans.   Another option is to get an engineer to look at it.  If it is to be inspected, that kind of info will possibly have to be provided anyway.

No one here is going to be able to comfirm that a 9.25" (?) microlam beam (LVL?) will span that with the information you have supplied.  Even if you fill in the blanks the best we can give you is a ESWAG (educated sceintific wild [JOBSITE WORD] guess).


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Go here

The download you want is at right central on the page.  The specifier's guide.


Gene Davis

"A stripe is just as real as a dadgummed flower."

Gene Davis        1920-1985


"A stripe is just as real as a dadgummed flower."

Gene Davis        1920-1985

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Try the Engineered Wood Association web site  they have a downloadable sheet on Glulams. That would get you in the ballpark. I would contact Microlam manufacturers directly for design limitations on their products.

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Typically, like the previous contributor wrote, the lumber yard who is supplying the beam can do the calculations. It has been my experience that the designer of the I-joist and truss systems will do a site visit to do the calculations if a set of plans is not available. The letter or plan that they provide will pass inspection here in NC.