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looking for a odd shower stall

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I have a issue I've never runn into before. Due to framing and customer insistance I am looking for a 36"   4  piece shower stall. IT must a front Drain. I have been told by my plumber they exsist but neither one of us can find one. If any one knows a source for this I would be very appreciative. They don't want a tile shower already tried that.



Well, the front drain is the (post #210155, reply #1 of 4)

Well, the front drain is the catch.  (By "front drain" I assume the drain is at the front edge rather than near the middle.)  The only such unit I find on a quick Google is a one-piece unit.

You might check with outfits like this: who claim to be able to custom-fabricate to your specs.

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Thanks I'll give them a try (post #210155, reply #2 of 4)

Thanks I'll give them a try i've tried any I could find.  You are right the drain needs to be towaards the front edge due to framing I can't drill or move without lots of work. I'm trying to keep the customer happy and on budget 1 piecw will only work If I make the window bigger We are just going to find the least of all evils.

Thanks again


Maybe you can raise the (post #210155, reply #3 of 4)

Maybe you can raise the shower a bit to clear framing issues.

Strange in what way? (post #210155, reply #4 of 4)

We currently have a Kohler neo-angle shower (38") with a front drain. But like I said, it's a neo-angle, which might not be what you want (BTW, what shape *do* you want?). I'm getting ready to replace ours so I've been looking around quite a bit at neo-angle shower bases, but they do seem to be rare now (we installed our current one twenty years ago). But knowing the shape you're looking for might help.



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