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Looking to purchase a lot... have questions on wetlands.

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My wife and I are trying to build waterfront in the Ft Walton Beach, FL area and have run into snag after snag.  Recently the home we were trying to build was on pilings but did not pass the VA appraisal.  So we went back to the drawing board and are looking for lots that are not in a flood zone and don't require pilings.  The first lot we were planning on was walked through by the builder who said wetlands were not an issue.  This new lot might have some areas towards the water that are a concern as far as wetlands.. and we don't want to be restricted on house placement (we want the house as close to the water as possible).


We use this link to look at various lots, but we are having trouble figuring out if there are wetlands there that would limit house placement.  Is there a specific process or does the county check the house placement against wetlands maps or something?

The lot is 7445 Northshore Drive in Navarre, FL in case anyone knows better than we do... thanks!

Wet lands are in the eye of (post #214626, reply #1 of 1)

Wet lands are in the eye of what ever governement enviormental group needs work the most. I bought a building lot in a subdivision and started to build. Along came the county enviromentalist and told me it was a wetland because of the type of grass growing ina 6 X 6' corner. Had to pay the county $800.00 plus hire an enviromental engineer to access the "wetlands."  Put $40K in fill on the lot then the crash happened but that's another story.

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