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Mansard ideas

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Mansard ideas (post #216057)

Hello. I am looking for ideas regarding the arrangement of rooms. I want to arrange a mansard apartment with an area of ​​approx. 100 m2. At present, there is already an apartment, but the layout of the rooms is not the best, therefore the renovation will involve the demolition of existing walls, with the exception of the bathroom and, of course, the load-bearing walls. We will also change the roofing and add insulation.
I'm drawing floor plans for several weeks, but I'm by no means able to find the right one. The mansard has a collar wall of 110 cm, but the problem is the roof slope, which is only 28°. So the standing surface is more than one meter away from the wall. For example, it means that along the length of the slope I can not have a kitchen counter, unless I make it 150 cm wide :) the option is, of course, dormers...
Desires are:
- Kitchen: I want it not to be too small, I am looking for some average size
- Dining room: a table, around which there is enough space, so that it can be expanded if necessary so that there would be space for at least 6 people
- Living room with fireplace (chimney is the rectangle on the drawing)
- Bedroom
- Children's room
- Mini terrace or a little wider balcony, overlooking the west
- Location of the bathroom with the toilet remains
Current status:
Condition if all non-load-bearing walls are destroyed, with the exception of the bathroom and staircase:
Condition if the staircase is closed. The entrance options in this example are on the north or east side of the building:
Thanks a lot for any ideas! :)

I don't know, but the (post #216057, reply #1 of 1)

I don't know, but the mansard's my favorite roof, especially the ones with convex or concave curves.