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Metal shed replacement parts??

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I have a shed in my back yard that is @ 10' x 9' and the metal roof is leaking.  Does NE1 know if they sell replacement parts or will I need to buy a new shed?

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You didn't really supply enough data in your post as how old the shed was, the manufacturer,  or how bad and what is causing the problem.

Old metal sheds that size usually have a limited life span but if needed can be reworked to a degree of usefulness if necessary.

Some times the amount of labor can exceed the value of the structure, but if it's a newer building and depending on what is causing the leak, it may be worth investing yourself in it.





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Get some of theose plastic corrugated patio roof panels and just screw them over the existing roof.  Put some sillicone goop under/over each stainless or galvanized screw.

You'll need to make a ridge cap,  maybe some aluminum capping will work.



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I've looked everywhere to find a Manufacturer but had no luck.  It is a basic white side/blakc shed that you see everywhere.  It appears that the screw holes have rusted open casuing the leaks.

I considered corrugated roffing but not a fan of the look.  I have considered other options (i.e. replacing existing with plywood & shingles but cost doesn't make sense).  Just curious if anyone has replace roof or do you just replace entire thing?

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got a pic???

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Put some rubber washers under the screws if they still hold, or use a larger screw if its possible.  Paint the roof too.  Look in the roofing section for a patching product like foil covered butyl if it's too far gone.

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Funny you say rubber washers I'm looking into trying that.  I would love to find something inexpensive & rubberized that I could spray on it...any ideas?

The main problem is we're hoping to be in another house within the next 2-3 years so I don't want to replace the shed for someone.  Sounds selfish but I know next place I'll face same problem, just how things go for us.

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Koolseal roof coating would probably work to seal the roof. There are screws with rubber washers attached available almost anywhere.

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How will that "someone" feel about a shed on the property that isn't useful?

If I saw a ratty shed on a property I was interested in, it could prevent a sale (if the shed is ratty, what other maintenance has been put off or held together with roofing tar? Never know if the property doesn't pass a drive by viewing). I would certainly ask for some type of compensation if the rest of the home was nice and not a "teardown" candidate. Of course, the seller has the right to refuse my requests.

Metal sheds aren't too expensive, so I would replace it and enjoy the use of it for the next three years and move on.

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The shed does not look "ratty" by any means and other than the leaks is in great shape.  The leaks aren't that large but large enough to dampen floor & I'm not interested in buying another similar shed.  If I were to buy a shed I would opt for a nice wooden shed but as I stated we don't plan on staying.  Going to try the rubber washer idea and need to look into the other stuff mentioned.

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I second the paint on membrane idea. A couple coats of this rubbery stuff will buy you quite a few years.

If you had done it when the shed was brand new, I doubt you would be having the problem you have.


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Hey Mike, It's wise to find the good roof replacement service in your area instead of trying to be a weekend warrior with your roof
You'll reap the benefit of safety for your home as well as yourself by letting professional roofers handle the roof-work. Roofing contractors have the training and tools to get the job done right, so don't hesitate to call them in for your roof replacement today.


I have a 10x12 metal shed, (post #71178, reply #12 of 13)

I have a 10x12 metal shed, would roofers be able to replace the roof and a piece of siding? I had some hail damage (didn't cause any holes) and my homeowners insurance gave me a check to replace the shed and I see no need. Hail came from a single side so it's one side and the roof panel on the same side that have some dents. 

You can try to find a (post #71178, reply #13 of 13)

You can try to find a business that does repairs to steel farm and industrial buildings, but if this is your standard lightweight backyard shed from Menards or wherever then they likely would not be able to (cheaply) help you.

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