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Nail hole filler for white trim?

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Okay, everybody,  what are you all using for filling nail holes on white painted trim?



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lite-weight vinyl spackle

comes in fairly small containers, NOT the 5-gal buckets.

I just push it in with a finger, let it dry, and sand it off. It can be used inside and out, so one product is good for all .

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For wood , spackle works well,simply overfill holes with  your finger and sand lightly when dry. Painters cheap latex paintable caulk works well with vinyl and urethanes.

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All I ever Needed to Know I learned in Kindergarten- Robt. Fulghum

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Elmers makes a latex filler that comes in a tube. I've been using that lately. Dries fast and does'nt shrink

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white crayon just like the colored brown ones that you get with kitchen cabs..........white is not easy though.

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White toothpaste. Not that I ever used it, no way.

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I like light weight spackle.

White color putty is also available.

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Are you looking for a filler that you don't have to paint over after you apply?

Sounds like all these light weight spackles are going to require touch up paint. Is that your plan or do you just want something to fill the divot and walk away?


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I think it is from Dap and it is called painters putty.  It is very simual to their "33" glazing compound.  Take a small ball of it and rub it in to the holes with your fingers til smooth with the surface.  Still will require paint but sanding will not be necessary.  If you were looking not to paint, cabinet companies or wood working stores would carry a crayon type filler pencil which should work fine.

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DAP 33 window glazing.


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Sherwin-Williams Shrink Free ---Beats the home center stuff hands down, White from the tub-Pint I think- and tools easy , with a knife or finger,

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DAP 33 or white Color Putty, same thing, if no finish coat.  Lightweight vinyl spackle if small holes to be painted.  Bondo body filler for bigger dings and holes.  Joint compound in a pinch.





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Yep, I'm just looking for a putty where I can dab in with my finger and go.  No sanding, no painting.

Thanks for all your input so far.  I'm thinking about buying the white Elmer's stuff.  So the package the other day.  It said "made with micro ceramic technology" or something like that.  So it's that or a white crayon-like putty stick.