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nanawalls (post #85285)

Anyone here know of any inexpensive alternatives to nanawalls?

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Large commercial sliding glass doors?

I doubt there is an "inexpensive" alternative at all. The system and general allowance for such a large indoor / outdoor opening just does not allow. There is so much that can go wrong.

I just completed a house with 6 walls of Nanawalls. Believe me they are expensive. I have never came across anything quite like it as such though.
We have had some operation problems with them too.

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Well maybe not inexpensive, but cheaper, or at least alternatives to compare.

Our builder did mention commercial glass, however we weren't sure how well commercial glass would seal?


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OK so these walls got thier names because after the check clears the manufacturer just says na na na na !!!

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That would be, neenerwalls.


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Lanai doors are an alternative

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Looked at both Lanai and Nanawall for an upscale restaurant design last summer.  Settled on these guys (Solar Innovations):

Easy to work with and accomodating.  Their engineering staff came up with something to match the design relatively quickly.  Cheaper than Nanawall, but still costly (seem to remember around $1000/lf).  Unfortunately, the restaurant decided it was too much.  And it was their idea for the wall, which was of course at the last minute . . . duh.

Nanawall seems to be the Cadillac version everyone thinks of immediately with operable walls.  Did a fair amount of research, and they're all pricey.


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Thanks for the info. We have been talking to someone from solar innovations, I am glad to see someone else has heard of them.

Yeah I have a feeling we won't be using any of these really fancy systems.

My parents had an apartment which didn't have the folding system nanawalls seem to have but instead the whole wall would be sliding doors and they would all slide to the side, so you could open almost all of it. We might look into something like that if we can find a place selling them!

Nana alturnative (post #85285, reply #9 of 10)

There is a Company here in Southern California called Fleetwood Aluminum Products who make a very nice multi sliding panel unit and are used all over So Cal.

Several years ago I had a job requiring the use of the Nana wall system, which was of the sliding panel type which staked up in a parking bay and also would negotiate around a 90 degree corner. Very cool.

If you should choose to use this system, be for warned that you need to take extreme care in getting a level finish floor, “Before” you order the doors!  as they will cost Big dollars to make shorter, If the doors were ordered incorrectly.  Nana, take no responsibility for the correct finished opening. It is up to you the get it ready for them before you order. The lead time, Remember It has a three month ship time. This was when I ordered them. 

The Job cost at that time was $85,000.00 installed my net cost.  I understood that the track system, has little adjustment at the bottom and therefore I had known early on to make sure we had a dead nuts level finish floor before we ordered the doors.

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Try euro-wall. They are not cheap but they will save you a bunch

nanawalls (post #85285, reply #10 of 10)


None of these products are "cheap"

We installed a custommade windowwall like the Nanawall using European hardware and installed them on custom made firdoor; the total opening was 16'. I cannot remember anymore where we got the hardware from. It's almost 20 years ago