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Need Gen. Contractor Near Edmonds Wa.

JoeWood's picture

To install one of my azumaya kits

My customer is having a hard time finding anyone. I've heard things are really booming up there so might be hard to find someone. She’s talked with two people but said 'they would not give me a quote or even an estimate of time and materials until I signed a commitment'. Is that even legal up in Wa. state?

So I hope I can help her find someone. I’ve already called three lumber yards up there asking for carpenter referrals, only got two and not sure they’ve contacted her.

These kits are pretty easy to install, all the roof pieces are pre cut by CNC so it all almost snap together. Would look great in your portfolio too!

I can send you the installation Info, and I have a good idea how long this would take to erect.

This is my 10' x 12' curved roof and hers is the 10x10' curved.