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need a small closet door

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I am finishing the basement of an 1920s era bungalow. There is a good sized space under landing and stairs that I want to reclaim for closet space. I will need a short door that I fit into a maximum 56" high x 32" wide space. Is custom my only option here. Can anyone suggest a source?


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The fastest way woud be to buy a standard 32", 1 3/8", flush, birch or luan faced, hollow core door, cut it to 56" and rip a filler piece at 1 1/8" to glue in at the cut.

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Even faster if you go with a solid core door, and forego the filler.

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There are shutter companies that make custom sizes at decent cost, both raised panel and louvered. You could fit those to this opening. For them it may not even be a custom job



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Shutter would give better ventilation to the space too. Good idea.

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kraftmaid has a sub-brand of replacement doors, can't remember the name, that i used on a small linen closet....worked nicely and not a fortune.  got em thru Lowes...

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Thanks. I'll look into them.

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Ask your supplier if they take orders for custom; I got a couple from Rona (Canadian chain) in 46" for only a modest (forget the exact) charge. But I had to wait two weeks for them to arrive, fast cost much more.


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    As it is bungalow style a flat panel door would work well. I've cut these down in the past and reinstalled the  rail at the new height. They actually come apart easily, just measure carefully before cutting. Re-attach the rail with glue and countersunk long screws. Plug and sand the screw holes.

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If it'll fit the style of your house... I've made some odd sized closet doors out 1 x 6 T&G. Run some 5/8" battens across the back side, and where the hinges go.

If you've got a 32" rough opening, might want to use 30" door... be a little easier to get the frame and all into the hole<G>

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