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New Bathroom Tile

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I have a small (5' x 5') bathroom I want to retile. The old tile is set on a 1.5" mortar bed over lathe over a subfloor. If I chisel away the old tile I end up with an uneven mortar bed.

Question: can I just pour a layer of self-leveling mortar over the uneven mortar bed and then apply thinset and retile or is this just stupid and I should bite-the-bullet and completely remove the old mortar bed and lathe and then build up the foor again with plywood and backer board ?

Thanks in advance for any help ......


Sure, As long as the floor (post #207463, reply #1 of 2)


As long as the floor meets deflection criteria, there's little difference between a full mortar bed and a mortar bed topped with SLC.

agree... (post #207463, reply #2 of 2)

Vacuum it well, then use a primer and SLC. If you;ve never used SLC before, then read up ahead of time.

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