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New Front Door

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Which is better - Therma-True or Pella: I ordered a new front double door last January from a big box store - door arrived incorrect size which was discovered after all the original door and trim was removed!

Box store admitted they had ordered the incorrect size and would order me a new door. The box store substituted a Therma-true door for the orginal Pella door I ordered.

It is now middle of May - the substitute door was installed yesterday, however I do not like the quality.

Is there anything I can do? Which is better a Therma-True or Pella for southern homes?



There's no way to tell. Both (post #214988, reply #1 of 2)

There's no way to tell. Both make a large varitty f doors in different price ranges.  Generallly I'd say that Therma True doors are not the quality of Pella. Never order a door froma big box store. go to your local lumber company and deal with pros.

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I have 40+ years of (post #214988, reply #2 of 2)

I have 40+ years of experience with both brands. I'll give the nod to ThermaTru for long-term performance. Pella does not actually make its own doors. Some of their doors have short hinge screws on the door slab, which can cause problems over time. Honestly, I've never had a call-back on a ThermaTru door, and replacement parts are easy to come by. Pella=windows. ThermaTru= doors. 

One more thing: a box store is not the best place to purchase a door...sigh.

Mel Fros