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NEWBIE seeking info

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Hello to all, as stated in my title, I am a Newbie here and am just now getting into the research portion of a project I think that I want to take on. 

I am not expecting anyone to tell me step by step how to build my garage in this thread, but instead am hoping that some of you will be able to point me to and maybe even post links to existing threads either current or in the archives that will be beneficial to me. If by chance this is the wrong place to make this post then I will simply delete it, once I have been notified by an admin or moderator.

I have a concrete pad that was here when I bought my home and at one point had a garage on it, and now I need a garage and the only way I will be able to get one is if I build it myself. I by no means claim to be a professional, but I am comfortable in my ability. I already own all of the tools that I think I will need and if not am not afraid to pick up what I am missing.

My concrete pad is 20' 1" Wide by 32' 2" long, which seems like an odd measurement to me, but it is what it is...

What I am wanting to do is build a garage with a 14 Foot floor to ceiling clearance so that eventually I can install an electric car lift. Now that probably wouldn't be all that difficult, except for the fact that i would also like to take advantage of the roofs interior area to create extra storage and I would also like to have a small balcony on the end of the garage opposite of the entrance, so that I can take advantage of the height to enjoy the sunsets from on top of this hill that I live on. Entrance wise to the garage I just want one large garage door and one 36" walk in door. I would like for this to be a stick build with a steel roof. I hope this is enough info that some of you can point me in the right directions to read up on the various skills, techniques, materials, & tools that I wll need.

Thanks in Advance for all of you help!

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The first thing you are going to need to do is some digging around that pad to see exactly what you have.  You might even have to prove to an inspector that the pad is suitable to build on if you plan on doing this legally.  So grab a shovel and see what they have left you.  It may well be that if there was a garage there at one point its all good in the neighborhood.  Could also be that they were forced to tear down the garage because it was unpermited.  I would be checking the local inspectors office and see if they ever pulled a permit for the original garage and see if it was inspected/passed.

No sense planning everything else until you know what you are building on.

Since you are getting few (post #216042, reply #2 of 3)

Since you are getting few replies, dare I suggest trying BT3, a delphi forumn.  A takeoff from this forum. 

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