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old table saw in great shape

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looking for anyone who can give me any advice or information on a walker turner table saw thats in great shape and runs great. Just want to use it for small home projects but i know nothing about it.  It seems there are not too many of these out there still running well in original condition? I guess Id like to know what it may be worth.  What problems may arise with this that dont happen with newer table saws and if I replace the motor/ belt drive with  something more powerful  will I somehow be lowering the overall value? or am I overthinkin it?

If you Google "walker turner (post #215647, reply #1 of 2)

If you Google "walker turner table saw" you get a bunch of hits (and about 100 pictures).  There appear to be at least two basic models, with probably several variations on each of those, so it might be helpful to identify the model a bit more precisely.

For the later model, I see one on Ebay for $300, and an earlier model (in poor condition) for $75.  Various parts for $20-100.

If you look around you might find a chatroom where the saw is known.

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And ask over on the Finewoodworking forum