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Opinions on EZ-Flow and Infiltrator

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In the process of having a house built, Septic is in, Foundation is going up this week.

Per the DOH, used a cap (infiltrators set with tops within inches of grade, with 6" of soil on top) system, with a curtain drain - two runs of ez-flow drain pipe - just uphill of the field to divert some of the surface water. 

I will also be using the ez-flow drains around the footings, daylighted at the down-slope side of the house. 

The last review of the ez-flow I could find was from 1 1/2 years ago.  Anyone using them, have any new info on them?  Should I expect trouble, or can I sleep at night? 

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Greetings N,

This post, in response to your question, will bump the thread through the 'recent discussion' listing again.

Perhaps it will catch someone's attention that can help you with advice.



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when in doubt add garlic


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Around here the septic guys install a very similar product called EZ-Lay - including on my own home.  The only caveat is that you shouldn't run heavy equipment - especially wheeled heavy equipment across these type of drain lines.

Not having used either product for foundation drains I'm just guessing, but I think it would work great for that application.  If you want to do an exceptional job lay down the pipe and then cover it with with septic paper.  It is cheap and keeps soil, sand, etc from migrating into the aggregate and clogging it - and eventually clogging the pipe.  They sell it at some big box stores in the plumbing section - I'm thinking ~$30 for a 200' roll.

Due to the lack of responses, I'm guessing not many people are familiar with EZ-flow so here is a link:

BTW - is that product available in the US?  What is the ~ cost per linear foot?  I have seen a similar product for sale at the big box store, so that tells you that it must be pretty popular, although, again, to my knowledge it is only used in septic fields.


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I've been getting the EZ flow in ten foot sticks from a local pipe supply outfit, $2.52/ft.  The only difference between the "drain" and "septic" styles is that the drain is about 8" of peanuts, and the septic has at least 12". 

Thanks for the feedback.


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My conventional septic has been used exactly 7 years; it's already failed!  Not fail-ING, FAILED.  Do NOT believe ANYONE (installer or local govt ) who tells you the septic field can be made smaller, you'll get "size credits" etc.  I actually told the installer to pretend we had an extra bedroom, as didn't want undersized system; it still failed.  EZ flow is just another variety of "infiltrator" systems that don't work.  If you don't believe me, call 800-507-0927 ( and ask them.  They get 100s of calls from people like me; in fact, I was told there should be a class action lawsuit against these systems.  But the lawyer I called, said because there are so many variables in septic failure, there wouldn't be a strong enough case...which is why these highway robbers get away will selliing their c**py product!

And, in that 7 years, how (post #74424, reply #6 of 12)

And, in that 7 years, how many times did you pump out the septic tank?

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I am another home owner that a contractor used ez-lay 6 years ago and guess what.... he is no longer in buisness and I just got a 4,500 quote for a drain feild replacement. This contractor stated that the ez-lay is JUNK. So beware, I also heard they have gone out of buisness, but then open up using a different name and keep selling it. I hope they do get sued.

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And in that 6 years how many times was the septic tank pumped?

Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well-warmed, and well-fed.  --Herman Melville

My system completely failed (post #74424, reply #9 of 12)

My system completely failed after 7 years also. The contractor that originally installed it still says it is the best in the world. My current contractor dug down to the "aggregate" and the dirt around it was completely dry. He stuck his probe into the pipe and once removed, the water was flowing. This same process and result was done in 3 separate placeon my drain field. The original contractor still says ezFlow is the best in the world.


I have had the tank pumped at least 3 times in the 7 years I have had this drain field.

Infiltrator premature failure (post #74424, reply #10 of 12)

I have just been informed that my 9 year old Infiltrator system is failing.  I have two sink holes forming at the start of both laterals. 

The contractor who dug it up and inspected talked to the county zoning people who stated they are getting many calls about  these systems failing premature here in southern Wisconsin.   


The system has not been abused, is correctly sized, and septic tanks have been pumped no less than 5 times in those 9 years.  $4500 hit but if I have to replace it I'm going back to a traditional gravel drain field.