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Painting Hollow Core Doors

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We have hollow core doors through out the house that I think are varnished. What prep work do I need in order to paint the doors? Also, what would be the best paint to use?



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First thing would be to verify the finish.  I have read in FHB or probably FWW about checking finishes before stripping, and first you wipe with alcohol to test for shellac then something else for whatever, and so on...actually I forget the procedure.  Lacking a more coherent answer from someone else, I would sand lightly, then ask the Sherwin Williams store what to seal with, then paint with an enamel.  This could be a good excuse to buy a spray setup.


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I'm sorry, I thought you wanted it done the right way.

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Painting your doors shouldn't be a problem Stu. First you need to sand (how much depends on the condition of your doors). Then prime, then paint. Talk to your Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams dealers about types of primers and finish.

You can get an excellent finish with a brush. Spraying is for the Pros.


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Take the doors out of the frames and remove hardware.  Put a couple long screws in each end to hold them suspended between saw horses.  Sand lightly. Prime and paint with a roller.  Kilz primer will stick to about anything, but your paint store may suggest something else.  Roller will give a nice finish, no drips, quick and inexpensive.  Don't forget to paint the edges, top and bottom.

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I've painted some of those old dark hardboard paneling doors in a couple houses, the only thing we found that would stick properly was General Paint Industrial Enamel (xylene or toluene based) Don't use a plastic roller tray the paint will disolve it :)

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See the other forum's answers, too: 18.1


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