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Painting over 70's pho wood paneling.

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Hello all, My girlfriend and I reciently purchased our first home. Built in 1880 it's still structuarlly great; good roof, dry basement, no sag... But a lot of the house is stuck in the 70's. It appears they put fake wood paneling over the plaster as a cheaper route to tearing it out and drywalling it., we also have drop celings in some of the rooms for the same reason.. I decided as a cheap and faster route to get rid of the fake wood look was to paint over it. I used a 9'' roller with a 1/2'' nap, and a Velspar Bonding Primer so far. I was thinking about using a 3/8'' nap when applying the paint. I'm not too sure on the color yet, but any ideas on brand/type? I dont do a lot of painting at work, I'm a framer, so any advice/tips is appreciated. I also plan on adding 1x6 as baseboard... 

As long as you've got a good (post #215081, reply #1 of 2)

As long as you've got a good coat of primer down you can pretty much paint with anything you want. The nap size only matters in so much as the texture it will leave of the wall. 3/8" will leave a nice texture and problably look better than trying for a smooth finish. I'd use at least a Satin and Behr is Consumer Reports top paint this year.

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Yeah, the only reason for (post #215081, reply #2 of 2)

Yeah, the only reason for using a thicker (in terms of nap) roller would be if the faux wood had deep groves or fake cracks in it.  Generally you'd want a smooth finish similar to painted drywall, so the thinner roller is preferred.

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