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Painting rounded corners???

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I frequent Knots, but occasionally lurk here as well.  I have a question that I feel is better suited for Breaktime, so here goes...

How do you pros here transition when painting walls with rounded corners and changing colors on the adjacent walls?  Square corners pose no problem as there is an obvious transition point, but the rounded corners are driving my wife and I crazy! 

Any suggestions or tips out there?




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When I buit in Vegas, EVERY corner was round.  We'd make the color transition as soon as the wall turned flat, and usually dod it on the less noticable side (if there was one).  For example, if the living room changed color at the hallway, we'd make the change on the hallway side of the radius, since it made the transition less obvious as you walked into the hallway from the living room.


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I've had this a few times. I've done the same thing as Bob... with an added twist. Yeah, the best way is to transition where the wall flattens out. I've also added a decorative trim vertically from floor trim to ceiling, over the painted seem.

It separates the two rooms, makes a definitive transition and looks good. It also looks better when the trim is painted the same wall color as the rounded room color, as if it's part of that room or the actual end of the curve.

Let us know how you make out. When you're done, post some pictures of it.


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Joe B.
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