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Pan Abode cedar log home repairs

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This customer has a Pan Abode home and garage.  The two attached pics are the garage, one of many areas that need repair.  The inside pic shows mold and rot.  Look closely and you can see below the mold and rot is a past repair where someone removed part of the inside wall, fixed the outside wall and left the inside wall out.  I don't believe this is prudent in that I believe the inside walls help the garage maintain it's structural integrity.  Has anyone out there repaired a Pan Abode before?  How are repairs accomplished?  The walls interlock and are notched and I am at a loss.  Previous repairs used std lumber.  Are the logs available?  Any and all help would be mucho appreciated.  Job is located about a 1/2 mile from the ocean in WA state.  Thanx.



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Nothing?  Nobody?



I'm thinking you should look (post #207129, reply #2 of 3)

I'm thinking you should look for a log cabin guy in your area.

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Contact the manufacturer Pan-Abode homes and they will be able to handle this question properly.Just Google Pan-Abode.You wont then be getting advise from people who probably dont know anythnig about these log homes.