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Pella Proline Window Class Action Settlement

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Found this site for people with damaged/failed Pella Proline windows.


Welcome to the Information Website for the

Pella ® ProLine ® Windows Litigation Settlement

If you are a current or former owner of a home or other structure that contains Pella ProLine Casement Windows, you may qualify for benefits from a class action settlement.

A settlement has been reached with Pella Corporation and Pella Windows and Doors, Inc. ("Defendants") about Pella ProLine brand casement, awning and/or transom windows (including 250 and 450 Series) manufactured by Pella Corporation between 1991 and 2006 (“Pella ProLine Casement Windows”). The Settlement covers possible water intrusion and damage to class members’ windows and property.

Plaintiffs allege that Pella ProLine Casement Windows manufactured by Pella Corporation contain defects that have caused water intrusion and resulting damage to the windows and Plaintiffs’ property; that some Pella ProLine Casement Window owners have paid for repairs or replacements of their subject windows; and that some owners will require future repairs or replacements of their subject windows. Defendants do not believe that there is any defect in these windows and assert numerous defenses to Plaintiffs’ claims. A copy of the Settlement Agreement (“Agreement”) is available on the Important Documents page of this website, and describes details about the Settlement.

To obtain any benefits for Eligible Damage (as defined in the Agreement and described in FAQ 8) that existed or exists prior to July 23, 2013, you must follow the Instructions that accompany the Claim Form or Arbitration Form (you must elect either the Claim Process or the Arbitration Process). The postmark deadline to timely file a Claim Form or an Arbitration Form is July 23, 2013. All Claim Forms or Arbitration Forms, together with supporting documentation or information, as applicable, must be mailed by first-class United States Mail to the Settlement Administrator at the address provided herein and on the respective Claim and Arbitration Forms.

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