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Plans for a free standing closet

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I would like to make a free stading closet to put in a small hallway.  The closet will hold an ironing board, broom, mop, etc.  Just want to get the stuff out of sight. Anybody know where I can find plans?  I would like ideas concerning dimensions, proportions and styles.


Thank You 

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You may be talking about a "chifferobe".  Try googling that for plans.

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The best prints for something like that would be to measure all the stuff you just said you want to cram in there and build to fit.

Seriously, what are the odds you will find a print to build exactly what you need?

As far as style goes it would be hard to determine what style would best fit your house and your taste. When I need to build something like you describe I kind of pay more attention to things similar to what I need then grab the best parts of each.

Probably not much help to you, but its what i'd do.




Family.....They're always there when they need you.


Family.....They're always there when they need you.

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I always do my own plans for that sort of thing, considering what will go in it and where it needs to fit in the hall, door swing, etc.

A lot of the kitchen cabinet companies have units they call pantries or utility cabinets that are up to 85" tall, 18 or 24 inches deep and 18-36" wide.



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