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polyurethane sanding

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When putting the frig back, making a 'right turn" to put again the wall caused a semi circular mark. It appears to only be in the poly, not the oak flooring.

I waited two weeks before moving the frig as the instructions said 7 days, and we've been hot and dry all that time.

Can I sand it out and recoat with a brush?



sure (post #215258, reply #1 of 3)

My experience is  you can certainly  scuff sand that and rebrush it. But you will still be able to see the fix, where the new coat overlaps the old. Heroic stuff like wet sanding with 600 g or some such might make it invisible but I'd suggest just repairing it and learning to live with the results. To me life is too short to agonize over a thick spot in a floor finish.

Unless the finish is obviously peeled or scraped I'd also add there is a chance the wood itself is dented or compressed by the sliding fridge. If so you'd have to sand the whole area bare lower than the dent and start over. Or learn to live with it.


Why not just wait a few (post #215258, reply #2 of 3)

Why not just wait a few months until wear on the rest of the floor catches up?

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yeah,..... (post #215258, reply #3 of 3)

The wait is over, already broken in........