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Problem with Emtek handleset

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Is anyone having repeated successes with Emtek's line of non-mortise entry handlesets?

I am talking about the kind from Emtek where a thumbpiece is pressed down (outside) to rotate a shaft and pull in the latch.  A handle or lever is rotated to do the same from the inside.

The "Arts and Crafts" model I am working with right now seems to be defective.  When "closed," thumbpiece not depressed, the square shaft inside is rotated maybe 15 degrees, and cannot engage the latch, which wants to see the shaft at zero.

Furthermore, the rotation given to the square shaft, by fully depressing the thumbpiece, is only about 30 degrees, which I am sure is not enough to fully pull the latch so the door will open.

If you have experience with these Emtek entry handlesets, please comment.  Thanks.

Gene Davis, Davis Housewrights, Inc., Lake Placid, NY



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The problem I've had with the Emteks were the shafts not engaging properly because  doors I was installing them into were too thick. Needed a longer shaft which was a major PITA to install. The other thing I remember was the levers only operate in one direction and there is a set screw to tighten up the sag in the lever because the things are so heavy.

Latch plates are on the small side. 

Its been about 6-8 months since I last saw one

I remember thinking the thing was broken but it worked fine after wasting an insane amount of time

good luck


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How did you make out with the Emtek?


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Glad you asked.  It's a lever action, i.e., a thumblatch is depressed to open the latch.  I called my supplier, Woodward's Ace Hardware, in Santa Ana, CA, and my guy there disembowled a working display model, same exact handleset, and express mailed me the critical parts (a bent wire and spindle drive).

I swapped out the parts with the ones in my set, and did the installation, and everything is perfect.

This is the third whole-house door hardware project I have done using Woodward's Ace, and I absolutely swear by them.  Those guys really get it right for me.  Baldwin, Schlage, Ives, and now Emtek.  Special finishes, handing, backset, keying alike, everything correct down to a tee.  And all at very competitive pricing, really low shipping costs, and no sales tax.

Why buy local?

Gene Davis, Davis Housewrights, Inc., Lake Placid, NY



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Do you have a particular contact there in the door hardware department? I need to develop a remote source for that stuff too.

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Ron Horn is my guy at Woodward's Ace.  Very knowledgeable, very helpful.

Gene Davis, Davis Housewrights, Inc., Lake Placid, NY



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The Emtek I had problems went into an 8' solid fir door 2¼" thick. Hardware was homeowner supplied. I had no trouble at all getting the extended tube for the latchset, the supplier had it shipped to me by courier in a couple of days. In future, I would not have a problem steering a Customer towards Emtek.