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Purpose of Small Rectangular Gaps in Brickwall?

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All of the brick walls in our subdivision (my home included).  Have small gaps in the brick work about every 8ft.  I'm curious as to what these are for? Don't think they are for drainage since a lot of the walls have other size outlets for drain pipes.  Also there are too many to be gutter/drainage outlets.  Seems that all of them are clogged.




They are to drain water that (post #215146, reply #1 of 3)

They are to drain water that gets behind the brick.  Most bricks veneer walls have them, but usually they are narrower (just a joint without mortar) and hence less noticeable.

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It's called a weep hole to (post #215146, reply #3 of 3)

It's called a weep hole to drain water and there shoul dbe flashing behind it to channel water outward. A well installed weep should have an insect screen to stop the bugs from nesting in the wall cavity.