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PWF anchoring against uplift

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Hello All

In process of designing a retirement home employing SIPs for upper floors and PWF crawl space foundation.Using a standard 2 story colonial design (5-4 with a door) 28' wide x 36 long. I am somewhat lost about requirements for up lift prevention when using PWF construction. In all I read, there doesn't appear to be necessity for any lower wall plate fastening except the wall sitting on the well drained gravel base and eventually gravel and soil backfill Though either 3-1.2 " concrete floor or a full  treated wood floor must be installed to prevent lateral loads, I am puzzled how uplift is prevented. Though in the instance of the 3-1/2" concrete floor, which is to be attached to screed board at the wall base using spikes, before pouring the floor, but again it seem insufficient. What am I missing?

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See figures 5 and 6