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Quorum Ceiling Fans Good??

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Need the worlds best ceiling fan for a kitchen we are doing -- to be antique white and go at the peak of the cathedral ceiling -- has to have blade tips down 25" from the peak for a 52" fan.  DW has been looking at Quorum International Fans and wants to know it they are OK or are there some other out there that are judged to be better - - all the best - Dudley

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Don't know anything about Quorum fans.

The spacing from the peak is very easily varied via different length down rods, regardless of manufacturer.

I like, have, and install, many Hunter fans.  Customers seem to like them also.

Don't know about the availability of Antique White - could check their web site.  Lots of styles.  Remote control available for all models.  Light kits, etc. 

Quiet, usually easy to balance, or do not need to be balanced right out of the box.  I seem to have a lot of the factory supplied balancing wieght kits left over.

Be aware that a 52" fan will never be silent - you will hear the blades passing through the air - faster the speed, louder the noise.  Many find it a soothing "white noise".

Edit:  your " ....25" down from.." may not be appropriate - check the installation guides from whatever manufacturer you choose - they are very specific as to minimum clearances to ceilings, etc. for the fans to move air properly.

Just my .02 worth.


Never underestimate the value of a sharp pencil or good light.

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Never underestimate the value of a sharp pencil or good light.

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I have used quorums b/4 and those I've installed I would not call anything spectacular, more the price is right-white.  I've looked through their catalogue and they do have many different styles.

There has been no complaints on them or Hunter or casablanca.  There are several good looking units from several suppliers, have a look.

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I've installed several Hunter and Hampton Bay fans...they have certainly improved their quality over the years. But you might want to check into Casablanca fans. Not sure if its the unique styling and/or quality of the working parts...but the suckers are expensive. Can't get em at the big boxes. I've only seen them at places around here like Globe Lighting, Lamps Plus and other smaller botique lighting stores.


I have used various fans like (post #69760, reply #4 of 4)

I have used various fans like Quorum, Hunter etc. The important thing that matters is the amount of airflow a fan pushes and the energy rating of the Fan. I like a new brand called Gorilla Fan (upto 56" blades) which are highly energy efficient.

They consume just 28Watts, they are quiet and also last long because of their BLDC motors.

You can have a look and then make your decision.