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racoon prints in new concrete

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It was supposed to rain and didn't so this may be the slight rain fall. We poured concrete yesterday, it was perfect at 9 pm, this morning it has raccoon trails. anyone know if this can be fixed or do we come up with the did it on purpose, new kind of stamping story?

thanks in advance!

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How deep are the tracks?

Is this slab the finished floor for your house?

Patio? Sidewalk?

What kind of finish was it?

Broom finish? Power trowel? Float finish?


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It is a broom finish sidewalk. We did a curving sidewalk to the back patio. To me, they look like mud, but my DH is SURE that they are going to cause permanent damage...I think they should wash off..but we were told to leave it alone until monday and I know if I put my hands in it it would be a huge mistake...and our contractor likes that about me..LOL!

Thanks for the help Gabe

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           The racoon paw prints are now a "feature" of your new concrete at this stage of the game.  Short of topping the crete or tearing it out and replacing it you will have to live with it.  I assume it is a broom or swirl finish (outdoor nonskid concrete) and if so these type of finishes tend to wear considerably during the first 2-3 years.  I would leave it alone and make up a good story.



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I can convince myself of that if it must be...i'll work on my partner in crime...thanks!

I'm thinking of going with a story with the fbi and pawprints being as good as DNA.

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            How long was it between the time tih concrete was broomed and when you think the prints were created?  Also what would you estimate the temperature range. I might have spoken too soon with my first post.  I assumed that the tracks were imprinted in the concrete.  If they are on top , just from muddy racoon feet and there was sufficient  time elapsed after the concrete was poured. then you may be able to wash them off or just live with the stain for a little while.  Let me know.


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The brooming part was completed about 6:30 last night, It had been poured by 2 at the latest (which means when I dropped by to see how things were going), then they worked their way back to this area. This is a shady side of the house. I think the temperature was in the mid to high 40's at a low. This took place later than 9 PM.

It'll be fine whichever way it goes just stings a little at first

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There is an old adage: If you can't cover it up, celebrate it.

One older home I worked in had leaf prints, paw prints from a dog and several bird tracks on a very smooth finished slab  for an enclosed porch. The HO has carefully and artfully applied a mix of antique finish metallic paints to the tracks before finishing the slab with a dye and clear coat. Her decor features collections of antique brass, bronze and gold miniature dishes and oddities so the prints fit right in.

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That is brilliant! Making it part of the decor. My old house has all kinds of things that could be part of the decor - if i could just learn to think that way. You've really provided me with an epiphany.


If you can't play a sport, be one.
If you can't play a sport, be one.

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Racoon prints would be great!  Things like that turn a house into home.  We had leaf prints in the driveway at our previous house, and many people stopped to admire them.

Saltillo tiles made in Mexico are dried under the hot desert sun.  Coyotes and dogs and other critters occasionally leave prints in the tiles - those tiles are highly prized and often placed in a noticeable spot during installation.


"A completed home is a listed home."

"A completed home is a listed home."

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Im a coon hunter and I think its neat ! I would only wish that they would autograph  mine . Kool!!!!!

Tim Mooney


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          Sounds like you are stuck with them, as 2.5 hours at 40 degrees is probably not enough time for the coons not to have imprinted the concrete at least a little bit.  I tend to agree with some of the other posts though and think you  ought to make it part of the decore.  Could have been a lot worse you know.  I have had kids write their names and ride bicycles over freshly broomed concrete,after we had left for the day. I also had a dog run over a driveway just after I broomed it . Saw that happen in time to fix it but the general contractor on the job who was standing there with us drop kicked the dog a few feet as he was so angry.  Good luck.


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That will teach you to hire a licensed dehydration service technician with expertise to monitor progress of your semi fluid mixture to semi plastic material to the final form the hard static material. It ensure it reaches the final form with out having foot prints in it.

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Sorry Karen,

I just don't see your issue.  Instead of wondering where to place your garbage cans, he left you a path leading directly to the correct spot--and you want to wipe it out.  We always wished we could truly communicate with animals, problem is not our talking, it's our unwillingness to listen...



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At least it wasn't a moose or a bull running helter skelter through the neighborhood.

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Thanks all for the input. Its not a huge deal to me, but the man of the house doesn't see things quite that way, so have to ask.

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This reminds me of the poster here at Breaktime that has the signature,

"It's not a mistake, it's RUSTIC"

Steelkilt Lives!

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LOL Jim, or one at CT that says, "Its supposed to taste like that"

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trying to recall what museum i was at that had animal tracks in the patio and into the gift shop ... where could i have been? 

If you can't play a sport, be one.

If you can't play a sport, be one.

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Yeaaas have it over the nayessssss to let the coons live out the history of your house with you .

Tim Mooney


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My firm recently occupied that new building in the Palo Alto hills that we built. There are a number of gems that were incorporated in the design and construction of the building and site to surprise visitors and employees. One surprise was to purposefully stamp animal tracks in the decoratively stamped concrete driveways, parking and walkways.

Deer, mountain lion, racoon, even dog tracks dot our campus... think of it this way, what you may see as a mistake, others may view as a feature.