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Red Farmhouse Style home in FHB

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I'm looking for plans/pics/info on a home that was in Fine Home Building (I think).


It was a red farm house style small home outside of Jackson Hole Wyoming and it was published maybe 22001/2002 or somewhere in that area.  Might have been in a Taunton book about small homes.  I can't remember.


Any info would be appreciated.



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The annual HOUSES issue 2002-

Looking at it again right here in front of me. Great modest-sized house, Loved it the first time I saw it. Lots of design to it, clever/stylish use of materials-cheap to build and maintain. What more could you want?
Lots of great houses in that issue.

It was noted that plans were available for purchase in the issue-I think through Taunton press Product#:DUN-1900.

Location:Wilson, Wyoming

Architects: Paul and Peggy Dunker

That should be helpful to ya huh?



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Thanks for the response!



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A good book for Farmhouse-style houses in general is The Farmhouse: New Inspiration for the Classic American Home By Jean Rehkamp Larson. It is by Taunton Press--really, I don't work for Taunton! (Seems like every good book I grab is done by them!)