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Refinishing old drywall texturing

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I know you guys have had to answer this before, but ....

What's the best way to remove a heavy texture from drywall? I have an old house that needs a lot of sheetrock and texturing work. I'd like to remove the old heavy texture and replace it with a more up to date "knock-down". I'm I simply facing sanding/grinding?



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or scraping if yer lucky.....or rerocking over the existing with 1/4" rock.

Be a dust mask




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Why not remud? Roll on a wet base and wipe off with a 2' trowel. Do it twice and you'll have a slick finish. Plus your arms will get big from the 2'er.


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That's probably the best idea. This is one of those situations where you know what you have to do, but you're just hoping that someone has a miracle cure that they've developed since the last time you faced this situation.