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Reinforcing a Stick Built Hip Roof

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We are buying a different home.

The inspector has pictures inside the attic where he feels the Hip roof needs more reinforcement to the ceiling joists.

Maybe it was done incorrectly?, but one ceiling joist upright reinforcement to the roof has popped loose.

Is there a correct method to reinforce a stick built Hip roof to the ceiling joists?

Is this inspector simply wrong?

This roof is about an 8/12 pitch?

If possible,  point me to an article or explanation of the correct method.

I’ve never worked on a Hip roof before, only gable engineered trusses.

Thank You


RG, (post #215952, reply #1 of 7)

Bracing rafters to joists is just asking for trouble down the road. Rafters are braced to walls. a big strongback or to a beam that is supported by legs down to a wall or spanning wall to wall. Could you post layout and pics?


The inspection report says: (post #215952, reply #2 of 7)

The inspection report says: One or more of the roof structure vertical supports was observed to be loose or pulling away from the top ridge board. Furhter evaluation is needed.

I have 4 blurry photos showing one upright from the homes ceiling joist to the roof member has a bow in it.

One Upright has pulled away from the upper roof member, which also goes to the the home's ceiling joist.

We have not bought this home yet. 

There are groups of boards throughout this roof coming down roof members tying into the ceiling joists.

I have no way to forward these blurry photos.

These inspectors are extremely anal in their findings.

He also claimed the pool needed to be resurfaced. The pool expert who knows this pool well, called BS on that claim.

On a tall hip roof,, where should there be, If any, reinforcement members tied into for support?

Certainly one can lay 2 bys across the ceiling joists and nail down at lest to walk on, but the Hip roof members?

Do framers of these stick built Hip roofs nail on 2 bys onto the roof members perpendicullar to the direction of the hip roof member?

I searched this subject on the net and only found discussions of gable roofs.

I have NO layout of this roof.

Thank You


Roof to ceiling??? (post #215952, reply #3 of 7)

I've never heard of a ridge being braced to ceiling joists. Ceiling joists should have no load other than the ceiling. Structurally they serve to tie the rafters together to prevent spreading. If there is a bearing wall under the braces it could be taking some of the roof load. It is possible that the cieling joists could be hanging from the roof and effectively reducing the span of the ceiling joists. This would make more sense than the roof load bearing on the ceiling. 

Purlins (post #215952, reply #4 of 7)

Google "hip roof framing purlins".

We try to get as close to a 45 degree angle on the purlins that go down to a wall. Some layouts require a beam sittig on a wall at each end to brace to.

I have not been in this hones (post #215952, reply #5 of 7)

I have not been in this home’s  attic.

I only have pix from the inspector.

I’m not sure how the framers did it since the home is an open floor plan.

I can only assume there are loadbearing beams in the attic.

Thanks for the help.


Not trying to be too blunt, (post #215952, reply #7 of 7)

Not trying to be too blunt, but how exactly do you expect to get advice from a bunch of people who have never seen your house without providing a sketch or photo's?

Get a step ladder and get yourself into the attic if you are unable to do so then hire somebody....

Simple solution. (post #215952, reply #6 of 7)

Require the seller to fix any defects in the inspection report to the inspector's satisfacion. Lay the onus on somebody else.