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Remodel on Concrete Block?

mtmarty's picture

I would like to know what others think about remodeling a 1954 owner built concrete block house.  How hard would it be to add larger windows (Deeper, and/or wider)? 


My parents bought a piece of land that happens to have a concrete block house on it.  They want to remodel the house, adding lots of windows, changing the location of all the plumbing, possibly insulating.  The house seems basically sound, but does have a few owner-built oddities ('why'd they do it that way?'), so no one is real sure what they will find if they tear in to it.  A few people have recommended that the house be torn down and they start over (they don't like concrete block).  Hard to give up on a basically sound building surrounded by nice trees, but if it's that hard to work on....  Should mention that there is no crawl space, it would have to be dug out to change plumbing.  Any ideas on that?