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Removing Ivy (Hedera) from Stucco...

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Had a wall of ivy removed from the side of a house...followed up with an pressure wash...cold water, 2400 psi with an 15 degree go. Any input on cleaning up the stucco water...higher psi...scrubber?? Wall will be prep for painting. Thanks for all inputs.


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In order to clean off those little feet-like ivy attachment points on stucco, I used a hand-held wire brush (with STIFF BRASS bristles, not the kind where the bristles would be scrunched over after use) and a garden hose to provide a constant trickle of water for flushing. It was time-consuming but it worked! The brass bristles will definitely leave dark grey marks on the wall, so painting afterwards will be a necessity. After painting, I could not detect where the ivy was attached.

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