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Repairing Horse Hair Plaster with Big Wallys Plaster Magic

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Looking for opinions....

I have been repairing my horse hair plaster walls with Big Wallys. As part of the process, I gouge out the cracks a bit deeper and use paper tape to seal the crack, layering joint compound in the usual manner.  I recently saw a video where the repair didn't use any type of paper or mesh, but simply joint compounded over the crack and holes.

What do you think of NOT using tape? 

I always thought the cracks would reappear at some point.  Not using tape will be much faster.  I am about to repair a bedroom with many creakscks so I want to do it right.

As always, thanks!  Joe

 I would not make the (post #216473, reply #1 of 3)

 I would not make the repairs with out fiberglass mesh tape and hot mud.

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I'm vaguely recalling (post #216473, reply #2 of 3)

I'm vaguely recalling reading, several years back, of a sort of wallpaper designed for this sort of situation.

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I like FibaFuse products for (post #216473, reply #3 of 3)

I like FibaFuse products for a job like yours. They make a joint tape that's great for cracks and repairs, partly because its thinner than paper or fiberglass mesh tapes.

They also make a wide product that goes on kind of like wallpaper, to cover the entire wll and eliminate cracks.