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Reversing a sliding glass patio door

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Does anyone know if it is feasible to reverse the side on which an existing sliding glass door opens? The door in question presently opens from the right; i.e., the right-hand panel is the innermost of the two panels and is the one which slides (to the left). The homeowner wants the door to open from the left instead. I hate to recomend installing a brand-new door if the arrangement of the present door can be reversed. Thanks for any advice.

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Off hand, I'd have to say no.

Without knowing the maunfacturer, I can't give a definite answer. But the 2 I'm most familiar with, Anderson and Marvin, aren't easily reversible.

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Probably possible with a few older designs, if you rework the weatherstripping and mortise a new hole for the latch. Would take some creativity.

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I have installed a doors a few years ago that could go either way.  Don't remember the name, but in effect the both the doors are rotated 180 degrees.  The top becomes the botton and the bottom the top.  The inactive door and a couple of clips at the top and bottom, if I remember right, that hold it in place.  The active door will work just like before, with all hardware still working with the door reversal

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Funny how the mind works... I never thought of turning them upside down. I don't know that it will work with these doors, but thanks for the idea.

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I think the older narrowline by Anderson was reversible, top &  bottom thing like you said.

We just installed a cheap-o vinyl unit that was shipped  of coarse [JOBSITE WORD] backwards & there was no reversing it, supplier offered a $200.00 credit if we would keep it, customer was happy & so were we,  we could finish the job & get paid & on with our lives.

 No one should regard themselve as "God's gift to man." But rather a mere man whos gifts are from God.

 No one should regard themselve as "God's gift to man." But rather a mere man whos gifts are from God.

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some ya can with a bit of rework...
some are intended to be reservable...
some ya can't...

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I've seen some cheap AL ones where that was possible. Not advisable though. Cheap mmeans something will go wrong, and when it does, you know whoe fault it will be....



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Take it out and turn it upside down

On second thought, that won't work. Never mind.