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Roof tear-off: How large a dumpster?

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I'm re-roofing my garage in a few weeks, and it's my first crack at roofing. I will be tearing off the existing three layers of roof (cedar shake plus two asphalt) before replacing. The garage is a smaller 2-car, approx 20x20 with a hip roof. So... any idea how big a dumpster I'll need? I may also end up using it to dispose of plaster waste from a 11x11 room, 3/4" thick plus wood lath.


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we usually allow 1 CY per sq.... with a 3 layer roof... i'd figure 2 CY per sq.  since you'll get a lot more small pieces than you do with single layer tear-offs

Mike Smith

Rhode Island : Design / Build / Repair / Restore

Mike Smith   Rhode Island : Design / Build / Repair / Restore

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Filled up slat side GMC 6-1/2 ft X8 ft X 4 ft box twice and datsun p/u once taking 2 layers asphalt off 32 by 32 ft roof. There were about 10 pcs somewhat ratty 1/2" 4x8 included in that load.

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Price out a 30yd dumpster and go from there.  You can usually get one priced for up to 5 tons for like $250-500 then like $50-70 per ton for overage.  A 30yd dumpster is 22'long by 8' wide by 5' high.

Most places will give you 2 weeks free rental with a 30 yd roll-off and then charge by the day or week after that.



Know a little about alot and alot about little.
Know a little about alot and alot about little.

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I assume you missed this, but he's only doing a garage. He wouldn't need a dumpster half that large. I'd get a small one.

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Good point.  For some reason I thought Mike had estimated 1 TON per square.....which I thought odd.....but it was just my lack of caffine. 

Thanks MD for showing me the way.  Now to the coffee.


Know a little about alot and alot about little.
Know a little about alot and alot about little.

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You might be able to reduce the amount of stuff you have to pay to get rid of by separating out the wood shake and lath, and giving it away as firewood.  That old lath makes great kindling.


-- J.S.




-- J.S.


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I always get a bigger dumpster than I need. You always have a couple of odd things to throw in there - Your Mother-in-law's old couch, etc.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

I finally figured out the size of this roof.. it's a hip roof with eaves of 22' and hips of 16'4". I figure this to be 66 square feet per side, with 4 sides = 264 square feet = 3 squares. So using Mike's guide, I need a minimum 6 cy dumpster.

I'll let you all know how it goes..

Thanks again


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 Around here, we have 4 sizes 10yd=$135, 15yd=$165, 20yd=$225, 40yd=$275. Physical sizes are only 3, the 15 yd has a line painted for the 10yds. go over the line and you pay for the 15.

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even with two roving dumptrucks we get containers for large jobs, and the neighbors fill 'em up, "Honey, I think it's time to clean out the attic!"  In the city is the worst, they get filled up, and the neighbors complain, not because of an eyesore, but because they have more stuff to throw out!  Most of it get's in there around the end of the month, when renters move.



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Check with your suppliers. We pay the same price for all sizes of roll-off containers over 10 cu yds. There is a set delivery and pickup fee plus a per ton charge for the debris. It is in the neighborhood of $175 for the can plus $65 per ton. If we get a 40 yd can and only put 10 yds in it, it costs us the same as a fully loaded 10 yd can.


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I figured the size of the roof wrong... it's really 132 square feet per side, or 528 sq ft total... so 6 sq. Anyways...

I called around a bit today, the lowest rate I could find was $240 for a 12 cy dumpster which I would have the use of for two weeks. A bit more than some of the rates posted here.

Don't some firms offer locking dumpsters to avoid the neighbor problem?

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PS: My dump fee was zero, but am still picking nails out of the old stuff to use as "paving" on the drive to the back 40.