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Roofing Question: Lead or Neoprene

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We're receiving estimates on having the roof replaced. There seems to be a conflict in the material of the sewer vent. One gentlemen mentioned that squirrels will gnaw (eat?) the lead variety and another gentleman mentioned that the neoprene will rot in a couple of years. What to think?

We live in central Florida if that makes any difference with the heat, etc...

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I'd think squirrels would be more likely to gnaw on the neoprene, but I've never heard of it happening up here. I think the lead is probably slightly more durable, but the neoprene vent jack has been in use for 20 years or better and they seem to hold up reasonably well.

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Hi squirrels WILL geat lead, but IF that is an issue, smear asphaltic tar on edges of lead, they stop!

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Squirrels usually chew the lead boots trying to get the condensation that forms on top of the boot when it's cold. Or at least that's what I've been told and it stands to reason, since all I've ever seen chewed is the top. Since you're in Fla, I wouldn't think that's a problem (maybe not enough water for the local squirrels?) Is this roofer a northern transplant?

All that being said, the neoprene boots will leak eventually. We probably replace 20 a year with lead. We probably replace 1-2 squirrel chewed lead boots a year.

I'd take my chances with the lead.


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